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Twitter Tweaks Notifications Tab to Show More Information

Twitter has tweaked its notifications tab which now shows information on accounts that you follow, like what those accounts are tweeting, and who are they following. The new update has, however, made the Twitter notification more crowded, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday. According to the micro-blogging site, the change is aimed at ensuring that users don’t miss content that […]

Twitter Reveals Why It Hides Its Daily Active User Figures

Responding to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as to why Twitter is hiding its daily active user (DAU) growth, the company said “the absolute number of DAUs is less important than the percentage change in DAUs”. In a correspondence between the company and SEC, Twitter revealed that the percentage change in DAUs is the key factor […]

MIT Researchers Make AI System That Detects Sarcasm on Twitter Better Than Humans

MIT scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can detect sarcasm in tweets better than humans, an advance that may help computers automatically spot and remove online hate speech and abusive comments. Detecting the sentiment of social media posts can also track attitudes towards brands and products, and identify signals that might indicate trends in […]

Twitter Services Disrupted in Some Regions

Twitter appears to be down in some regions, with multiple users reporting the issue on other social networks such as Facebook. While Twitter’s own Status page does not show any disruption to services, crowdsourced downtime reporting services like Down Detector and Down Right Now both indicate the disruption began around 3pm IST (9:30am GMT). For […]