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Rose Gold Huawei Watch With Real 22K gold Available for Sale, Starts at $699

If you’re looking for a gorgeous Android Wear smartwatch, Huawei Watch is definitely one of the top contenders. Recently, Huawei launched a Rose Gold version of the Huawei Watch, which comes with a real 22K gold plating stainless steel. The new version of the smartwatch starts at $699. The new rose gold version is quite […]

Amazon Echo Now Supports Custom IFTTT Commands

If you have found that your Amazon Echo personal assistant voice commands have become a little limited, you might be interested to know that Amazon and IFTTT have this week announced the ability to create custom commands. Using the IFTTT automation system Amazon Echo owners can now create custom triggers to help with automating different […]

Star Wars The Force Awakens Has Made $50 Million Before Launch

Star Wars The Force Awakens doesn’t hit the movie theaters until next month and the movie has already more than $50 million in the bank ahead of its launch. The new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie has apparently sold more than $50 million in advance tickets ahead of next months release. The movie has […]

Watch How a Day – 6.4 Earth Years Long – Unfolds on Pluto

Nasa’s New Horizons probe has captured some stunning images of how the day progresses on Pluto and its largest moon Charon. Pluto’s day is 6.4 Earth days long. The images reveal many details about Pluto, including the differences between the encounter hemisphere and the so-called “far side” hemisphere seen only at lower resolution. The images […]

Antarctic Ice Melt May Add Less to Ocean Rise Than Thought

Melting Antarctic ice will contribute to soaring sea levels, but new estimates show the threat may be less serious than once thought, researchers said Wednesday. Previous estimates had been for retreating ice around the South Pole to add as much as a metre (three feet) to the world’s ocean level by century’s end. But new […]

China Starts Testing Long March 5, Its Largest and Most Powerful Rocket

China is conducting tests on its largest and most powerful rocket, the Long March 5, in Hainan province for its space operations with plans to make the first launch before the end of next year, a senior space official said. “Engineers are testing whether the rocket’s various systems can work well with the Wenchang center, […]

Nasa Refines Thermal Protection System of Orion Spacecraft

In a bid to bolster its effort to prepare humans for deeper space missions, Nasa engineers have refined the key thermal protection system of Orion – new exploration spacecraft designed to ferry astronauts to asteroid and Mars. The team has been improving the spacecraft’s heat shield design and manufacturing process since the vehicle successfully travelled […]