Category: Tech Updates

Nasa to Develop ‘Chemical Laptop’ to Aid Search for Alien Life

Nasa engineers are working on a unique “Chemical Laptop” – a portable, miniaturised laboratory that can help astronauts analyse samples for presence of life on the spot as they enter the alien world. Being developed at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, the device will help astronauts look for the signatures of life […]

Twitch Private Messaging Whispers Land On Mobile Devices

Twitch has this week announced that its private messaging service Whispers will be soon arriving on mobile devices. Allowing you to communicate privately with friends using the private messaging feature that has already been rolled out on other platforms. Starting today Twitch has started a soft launch on Android devices and will be collecting feedback […]

Gigaclear Trialing 5GBPS Broadband In The UK, Costs £399 A Month

A company called Gigaclear has announced that it will start trialing 5GBPS broadband in the UK, the service will be made available to around 10,000 homes in the UK during the trial. There is just one catch, this new super fast broadband is considerably more expensive that standard broadband. Available to customers from early 2016 […]