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Hike Acquires Creo, a Bengaluru-Based Smartphone and Streaming Media Dongle Maker

Hike on Friday announced it had acquired Bengaluru-based technology startup firm Creo for an undisclosed sum. Creo was founded in December 2013 by Sai Srinivas Kiran G and Shubham Malhotra. Both Srinivas and Malhotra were previously associated with Hike. “The Creo team will begin work on a developer platform to enable third-party developers to build services […]

Facebook Authorises Chinese Firm’s Launch of Moments-Like App: Report

Facebook, whose social media platform is blocked in China, authorised a local company to launch a photo-sharing application in the country in May, the New York Times reported, citing a person with knowledge of the company’s plans. The app, called Colorful Balloons, is similar to Facebook’s Moments application in function and feel, but does not […]

Sarahah App: What Is It, and Why Is Everyone Talking About This Anonymous Messaging App?

The Sarahah app has taken hold in the social media sphere over the past week, joining trends such as Prisma app that rose quickly in public consciousness. Whether it will remain a hit or fade away in a few weeks is anybody’s guess, but for now Sarahah app is something difficult to avoid seeing in your Facebook […]

Google Voice Search Adds Support for More Indian Languages

Manoj Kumar, a roadside tea-seller near Deshbandhu College in Kalkaji, recently purchased his first smartphone from a neighbourhood store. The entry-level phone, priced under Rs. 4,000, has a 4-inch display and runs Android, Google’s mobile operating system that powers more than 90 percent of all smartphones in the country. Ever since the 33-year-old West Bengal-born Kumar […]

Google Camera App Modified to Bring Pixel’s HDR+ Feature to Select Compatible Phones

One of the major selling points of Google’s Pixel smartphone since launch has been its camera, which has managed to impress both users and critics alike. Interestingly, an app developer has now figured out a way to bring the same camera improvements (on the software side) that are carried out on by the Google camera app on Pixel smartphones to other Android smartphones […]

Researchers Produce Renewable Fuel From Bio-Oil

In a first, researchers have produced renewable fuel from pyrolysis bio-oil, a synthetic fuel being considered a substitute for petroleum. Pyrolysis bio-oil is produced by rapidly heating and then cooling the forest residues in an oxygen-free environment. By co-gasification with black liquor, a renewable fuel was produced by researchers in Lulea University of Technology’s Green […]

Researchers Find Way to Build Electronic Circuits Inside Plants

Scientists in Sweden have developed an ‘electronic’ rose by implanting circuits inside the vascular system used to distribute water and nutrients in the plant. Researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden created analog and digital electronics circuits inside living plants. The group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), led by Professor Magnus Berggren used the […]

Astronomers Measure ‘Heartbeats’ of Distant Stars

Offering a new way of determining a galaxy’s age, astronomers have detected thousands of stellar “pulses” – regular up and down changes in brightness – in a distant galaxy. The team studied the elliptical galaxy M87, located 53 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Virgo. “We tend to think of galaxies as steady beacons […]

ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets Images of South India

US astronaut Scott Kelly has tweeted a stunning picture of South India at night from space. Kelly, who is the longest resident on the International Space Station (ISS), on November 15 uploaded a picture of South India at night on micro-blogging site Twitter, The TeCake news website reported. Kelly has also posted a series of […]

China Property Giant Eyes Robot Rescue From Rising Wage Bills

China Vanke, the biggest property developer by sales in the world’s most populous country, is recruiting robots to sweep floors and guard its properties to address a labour shortage and rising wage bills. As Chinese developers struggle with lacklustre sales and tighter industry margins, China Vanke, like many, is looking to premium concierge services to […]