Starbucks Has A New Chocolate Cake Topped Frapp

Another day, another new Frappuccino — and this is one you are definitely not going to want to miss out on. Starbucks is topping Frappuccinos with actual pieces of chocolate cake, and life has never made more sense.

S’mores is great and the unicorn was cool and all, but nothing reigns dessert supreme like a slice of classic chocolate cake, so that’s why we’re kind of surprised it’s taken Starbucks this long to give cake the Frappuccino treatment. They’re making up for it this summer, though, launching two new chocolate cake topped Frappuccinos. And they both sound equally amazing.

The Matcha Shot flavor, available June 14 to July 13 has almonds blended in the base, chocolate cake on top, a matcha green tea sauce, whipped cream, and green tea powder. So the matcha makes the cake healthy, right?

The second, available from June 23 to July 13, is the Coffee Shot, with what looks like caramel sauce on top of the chocolate cake.

Too good to be true? Possibly — right now, these drinks are only launching in Japan, but that doesn’t mean Starbucks won’t bring them stateside eventually. Especially given all the Frappuccino hype.

And if not, you could hack your own with the double chocolate pound cake, chocolate brownie, or make our Frappuccino cupcakes.

This Craigslist Want Ad For A “Barbecue Dad” Has Gone Viral

It isn’t summer without barbecues, but as great as that sounds in theory — think about the execution. Who’s going to be doing all the work and cooking all food while you’re drinking and living it up with your friends? A few guys in Washington realized the struggle, so they decided to put out a Craigslist ad for a barbecue dad. Naturally, the internet is collectively LOL’ing.

Burgers On A Grill

When you were a kid, you never had to think twice about barbecue fun — your dad, uncle, or even family friend took care of the grilling situation, and you just got to worry about eating it. But then you grow up and realize — crap, WTF do I know about grilling? And is it really a party if I have to stand there flipping burgers all day? That’s why a group of men in their 20’s (“The Boys”) put out an ad for a dad to handle all of this for them. “NEEDED: Generic Father for Backyard BBQ,” the ad starts off. Qualifications? A minimum of 18 years experience as a father, 10 years of grilling experience, and an appreciation for beer. Sounds about right.

Aside for handling the grill, barbecue dad needs to talk about dad things, like “lawnmowers, building your own deck, Jimmy Buffet, etc.” And if you weren’t stoked enough to apply, you won’t be paid in cash. Just food and beer. But because this is 2017 and this is the internet, potential dads have already responded.

Dunkin’ Donuts Tosses Its Coffee After 18 Minutes + More Brewtiful Facts

Sure, you probably whip out your credit card on the regular to grab a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, but how much do you actually know about what’s in your cup? I recently sat down with Janet Rock, who has the awesome job of working in research and development for Dunkin’ Brands, to learn more about the whole coffee process — from bean to cup. She and I also waxed poetic about the new Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee and all the flavor swirls you can add to it. She is particularly passionate about that drink, because she worked on it for quite awhile before bringing it to stores. For more on what Janet shared about the coffee, keep reading for more fun facts.

  1. Every Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is cupped numerous times (an extensive test for aroma and taste) before it’s shipped to stores to ensure the highest quality and best flavor.
  2. If coffee experts spot any negative irregularities in the coffee, like the beans are rancid, the entire batch is tossed.
  3. Some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drinks — like the new Frozen Coffee — spend years in development.
  4. All espresso is certified by the Rainforest Alliance to make sure the communities where their coffee farms are located have a high quality of life.
  5. Butter pecan is a fan-favorite flavor swirl for the coffees. Janet herself is a big fan.
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts uses 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, sourced from a variety locations. This way, they can pull coffees from multiple locations in case there are any problems with production in any sector.
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is freshly ground, freshly brewed, and freshly served. If not used within 18 minutes, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is discarded and a new carafe is made.
  8. More than 1.8 billion cups of coffee are sold in stores each year.

Stop Trying to Make Carrot Lattes Happen

Look, we get it. Drinking the same old latte can get a little boring, so it’s fun to change up your coffee order sometimes. But one coffee shop in Australia has taken the idea way too far by making “carrot-cinos,” aka steamed milk and espresso served IN A CARROT. The coffee shop responsible for this impossibly hipster idea, Locals Corner in Seaforth, shared a photo of the carrot concoction on June 3, writing, “How about carrot latte 😉.”

Before you get too heated, know that the carrot latte is not an official menu item; the baristas are simply having fun. They even experimented with a latte inside of a green apple. “We just like doing different things; we’ve being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different,” the cafe owner told Daily Mail Australia.

But knowing how our society works when it comes to “secret menus” related to coffee (hint, hint, Mermaid Frappuccinos), I would not be surprised if people attempted to order this based on the fact that they know the barista can make it. The putting-lattes-in-produce trend started when avocado lattes became a thing, which also originated in Australia (what’s the deal, Australia?!). And in our opinion, it has got to stop. It’s an insult to fresh carrots everywhere to cut off their tops and fill them with steaming-hot milk and espresso. They deserve to be dipped in hummus or served in crudités cups for party guests to enjoy. Let’s put our carrots in salads and keep our lattes in cups and call it a day, shall we?

Limited-Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks Exist, and You Need to Try Them

I was perusing the candy aisle at my local candy store, because why not? I mean, it’s part of my job to be the full-on guinea pig taste-tester for new products, so I’m always on the lookout for things I’ve never seen before. These “limited edition” chocolate Pop Rocks totally caught my attention. At first, I thought they were chocolate-flavored Pop Rocks, but upon careful inspection, they are actually just milk-chocolate-covered Pop Rocks. Still intrigued, I ripped open the pack and dumped a handful of what I can only describe as the cutest tiny animal poops into my hand. My friend made a joke about calling them “Poop Rocks,” which made me chuckle just a bit, and then I tossed them in my mouth.

My friend made a joke about calling them “Poop Rocks,” which made me chuckle just a bit, and then I tossed them in my mouth.

Now we had quite the debate over them, with some people in the group thinking that they lacked the firepower potency of the OG rocks, but my friend and I really enjoyed them. Sure, they didn’t snap, crackle, and pop on contact, but the slowly melting milk chocolate made for a quite enjoyable experience. It was smooth at first, and then the pops almost caught me by surprise! It was refreshing and fun.

Once I got home, I dug into the origin story of these little gems. As far as I can tell via internet digging, they’ve been around since 2006. Limited edition going on year 11 now? The website leaves zero clues as to when they were launched and if they ever have a chance of becoming a regular flavor vs. living in their ambiguous state. All I have to say is I’m so glad that I found them. If you do see them in your local candy aisle, do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Disneyland’s New Baby Groot Bread Just Might Be Too Cute to Eat!

Baby Groot is one of many reasons — besides Chris Pratt — to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Disneyland is winning fans over with an insanely adorable new menu item: Baby Groot bread. It’s a large piece of sourdough bread shaped exactly like Baby Groot’s head, with black olives for eyes, and a jalapeño cheddar “hair” topping. While it definitely seems weird to eat Baby Groot, we have to admit the bread ($9 each) looks pretty damn tasty. The character-inspired bread is reportedly baked fresh at Disney California Adventure’s Boudin Bakery, a San Francisco-based bakery known for sourdough bread.

Sold near the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride in California Adventure, the Baby Groot bread is understandably selling out quickly. While POPSUGAR wasn’t able to try the bread during our Disneyland Summer of Heroes tour (it was display-only), it will be available for purchase again starting on June 6. Between this and the thrilling new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, you officially have two more important reasons to visit Disneyland ASAP!

Understand How Steroid Types Work for Personalized Stacking

Bodybuilders need to develop clarified understanding of how different steroid types work. Only when you know about their activity process, you can use their potential in combination properly. The stack you formulate should be based on experience, ambition, and practical judgment. One should never forsake the negative aspects of these powerful products as well. Being aware of potential side effects enables you to use these in a limited manner, on the healthy side of the fine line between use and abuse.


Walk the line

Do you know that formulating growth factor pills were first in use during World War II by German soldiers to create Nazi monsters? Also note the lives of all the athletes and professional bodybuilders who faced humiliation and career loss because they were tested dope positive ahead of competitions.  Neither should you aspire to be a monster, and nor should you face the unbearable loss of respect and career loss. The purpose of bodybuilding is to optimize the natural potential of your muscles. Using artificial boosters externally may be necessary, but their use should be based on knowledge, and not sudden impulses. You must research well on the main kinds of steroids and how they function in your system.

Activity type

The most popular products are anabolic derivatives that heighten testosterone activity in body. Next, you have the digestive products that hasten the breakdown of food and other products in your digestive system before delivering them to muscles via the circulation system. In addition, you have access to the ‘brain pills’ that act on the adrenal cortex region to ensure heightened performance of internal organs such as heart and kidney. You also have products that either assist in fat meltdown or fatty addition to develop body volume. Make sure to follow the latest knowledge through medical journals and online bodybuilding forums.

Usage type

Any chemical entering the body has a specific activity cycle. It starts slowly, then peaks, and finally descends, leaving traces in your bloodstream. The cycle duration depends on the chemical quality of the products and the mutual effects of combinations. Take care about the balance in developing your stack. Simply focusing on monstrous muscle growth by anabolic products and a high protein diet may feel powerful for the time being, but know that no power comes without its taxes. The taxation can be very severe in terms of health hazards and professional disqualification. Possible side effects include heavy mood swings, abusive tendencies, impotency, and internal organ damage.

Furthermore, you should be wise in using a combination of oral products and injected products. Sometimes, the latter may be necessary because an oral pill may break down before it reaches the stomach. The injection gets it directly in stomach.

Never neglect the ongoing research on main types of steroids and their ideal usage. Look for references from peers and legends in your field. Investigate the differences between bodybuilders who lose their mojo on the way and professionals who maintain their musculature even in an advanced age. You would find that the former category depended too much on the shortcut and led life in indiscipline. People who maintain proper diet, disciplined lifestyles, and regular workouts (along with a careful concoction of steroids) keep it better in long run.

KitchenAid KES2102OB Pro Line Series Espresso Machine

KitchenAid-KES2102OB-249x300The Good: Are you searching for a professional espresso machine can help you prepare a tasty and delicious coffee at home? If yes then your search for the best coffee is now over. With the help of KitchenAid proline series of coffee maker with dual independent boilers, you can easily prepare one of the tasty coffees at your home without making much effort. The product is developed by kitchen aid and has already grabbed customer attention as the product is growing in popularity. The cost of this product is around 1000 USD excluding delivery charges depending on from where you buy it. One of the best things about this machine is it is consisting of dual boilers which helps in switching from brewing to frothing in no time.

The Bad: When it comes to choosing a coffee maker machine, there are various considerations which needed to be taken care and one of the major things is price. Although this product is rated higher in terms of prices but it is certainly a value for money product developed by Kitchen Aid. If you start exploring coffee maker machines in the market then you won’t be able to find many products matching the quality, features and price like that of Kitchen Aid.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for buying a good product with lots of amazing features and additional boiler then this product is certainly made for you. With the help of kitchen aid, you can switch to brewing to frothing almost quickly which helps in preparing your coffee quickly in no time. There are other features associated with this product which are provided in the next section.

KitchenAid KES2102OB Pro Line Series Espresso Machine Review

If you start exploring the reviews online then this machine has been rated quite high in terms of its operation, usage and features. You won’t be able to find many machines at this price with so many features as the one Kitchen Aid Pro line series is offering. You can prepare espresso and steam milk using this machine at the same time. This unit is also having range of features to make your coffee preparing experience delightful. Apart from this feature, one can make adjustments in frothing arm, there is a cup warmer, frothing pitcher and rail designed specifically to perform art of latter café.

Features of KitchenAid KES2102OB Pro Line Series Espresso Machine

There are some of the significant features available in this coffee machine that helps it stand apart from other coffee machines in the market. Let us see some of the features in detail.

  • As the name suggest, the product is embedded with an extra independent boiler which enables it to brew and froth at the same time. You can prepare your coffee and steam it almost instantaneously depending on your requirement.
  • With the help of improved heating abilities, the machine is able to achieving boiling point within six minutes to be precise.
  • With the help of hot water dispense, one can prepare different kinds of drinks including Americano Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte etc.
  • It is also possible to make adjustment in the frothing arm by simply swiveling it both vertically or horizontally as per the convenience required.
  • With the help of cup warmer and rail, it is able to accommodate around 4-6 cups of espresso and help you prepare drink as per your convenience and requirement.
  • The frothing pitcher has been designed to allow you to create the most perfect latte
  • It is a very simple to use and convenient machine which has range of amazing features that are not available in the other machines in market.

Final Verdict

Going by the positive reviews and feedbacks of this machine, Kitchen Aid is a great coffee machine which offers range of features, better design, good looks and also convenience to use as per your requirement. You would not have to spend much time to read the manual and operate this espresso machine. The whole task of using this machine is quite simple. In case of any queries or questions, one can contact the customer care executives of company and get all the checks done.