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Instagram will support uncropped photos (but only in Direct Messages)

Instagram is introducing a way to share photos in portrait and landscape orientations, but only in private messages. You’ll still have to work your Instagram magic to share photos the old fashioned way, but now at least when you’re messaging your friends you can send memes back and forth without having to worry about the […]

T-Mobile portfolio now includes Kyocera DuraForce Pro and Alcatel Go Flip

While many  consumers are able to find a satisfactory standard smartphone from many of the big name manufacturers, that does not mean some niche markets are still looking for options. Today T-Mobile announced they are adding a pair of devices to their on-line and retail sales channels for buyers with some unique needs. Both the […]

Watch Andy Rubin talk about Essential at the Code Conference

Essential’s Andy Rubin will speak about his new company and phone tonight at the Code Conference 2017. Today’s a big day for Essential. With the introduction of the Essential Phone, we’re seeing what mobile industry masterminds are able to produce together. Rubin hired talent from Google, Apple, HTC, and other companies to create this device. […]

Andy Rubin says the Essential Phone should ship in about 30 days

Now we know when you should expect to see the Essential Phone ship in the United States. Speaking with Walt Mossberg at the Code Conference hosted by Recode, Essential’s Andy Rubin revealed that its first phone should ship in around the next 30 days. Neither Essential nor Rubin would share anything about availability beyond pricing in […]

New batch of Moto Mods focuses on gaming, music, and charging

Alongside every new phone are new accessories. Lenovo has introduced new Moto Mods to pair with the Moto Z2 Play and other devices. They’ll work with the newest phone, upcoming models belonging to the Moto Z2 family, and even previous devices from 2016. Here’s what they are: Moto GamePad: Pop your phone into this and […]

New Pokemon Mobile Game ‘Pokeland’ Coming To Android

Pokemon is seeing a resurgence on the backs of Pokemon GO and the changes that Sun and Moon made to the longstanding handheld game series, and The Pokemon Company is now seemingly preparing a Pokemon Rumble spin-off for mobile devices called Pokeland. The game allows players to control toy Pokemon and sends them out exploring a […]