Month: November 2016

Learn Backbone JSto Build Attractive and Effective Websites

The Backbone JS is a JavaScript framework that helps the website developers to build the most effective and attractive websites. This course is aimed to provide the participants how to build the interactive and visually appealing web applications. This course is a comprehensive and intensive course that will allow the participants to gain the knowledge […]

MIT’s Nightmare Machine Churns Out AI-Generated Horror

In honor of Halloween, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab launched the Nightmare Machine website, which allows visitors to vote on AI-generated horror images created via an open source deep neural network algorithm developed last year. Scientists from the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) collaborated on the project. The […]

Microsoft: Google’s Policy Endangers Windows Users

Google on Monday posted to the Internet a previously unpublicized flaw that could pose a security threat to users of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Google notified both Microsoft and Adobe of zero day vulnerabilities in their software on Oct. 21, wrote Neel Mehta and Billy Leonard, members of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, in an […]

Lenovo’s Yoga Book Aims for Top Shelf

Lenovo’s recently unveiled 2-in-1, the Yoga Book, is available in Android Marshmallow and Windows 10 Home versions. Reviews have been mixed, with some praising its look and feel, but some considering its capabilities not up to scratch. Its Intel Atom processor doesn’t provide enough power for a workhorse device, they have argued. The Android version […]

ESA’s Schiaparelli Mars Lander Said to Have Crashed Due to Navigation System Failure

Europe’s Schiaparelli Mars lander crashed last month after a sensor failure caused it to cast away its parachute and turn off braking thrusters more than two miles (3.7 km) above the surface of the planet, as if it had already landed, a report released on Wednesday said. The error stemmed from a momentary glitch in […]

Skyscanner Snapped Up by China’s in $1.74-Billion Deal International Ltd , China’s biggest online travel company, said on Wednesday it agreed to buy travel search website Skyscanner Holdings Ltd in a deal valuing the Scotland-based company at about 1.4 billion pounds ($1.74 billion or roughly Rs. 11,953 crores). Ctrip’s shares were up 9.2 percent at $44.75 in extended trading. Skyscanner, a result […]

OnePlus 3T officially unleashed and it’s here to impress

When it comes to offering high-end specs for low prices nobody does it better than OnePlus. So the OnePlus 3T was always going to be an attention grabber and the specs-to-price ratio has certainly impressed. Here’s what you need to know about the latest flagship OnePlus 3T smartphone which comes as the incremental step up […]


7 laptops under £1,000: our pick of the top laptops under a grand

For us, these are the top sub-£1,000 laptops on the market at the moment. We’ve deliberately chosen a selection of different types of laptop below — from Macs to ultrabooks and hybrids. Now it’s your turn to choose how to spend your money. However, if you just want to know what’s best and aren’t interested […]